The reasons of wearing compression socks ?

When I signed up to be a nurse, I knew that it came with long hours standing and many miles on my feet. Even so, I didn’t anticipate all the pain and soreness associated with that. My husband didn’t foresee all the foot rubs that would come along with it either. However, as much as I enjoyed the extra time and attention from my husband, I would have preferred not to spend the later half of most of my shifts experiencing leg and foot pain. It wasn’t until a couple of years into my nursing career that I realized something was lacking in my nursing gear: compression socks.

Why hadn’t anyone told me about compression socks in nursing school? I mean sure, we discuss compression hose and socks for post-operative patients as a tool to prevent blood clots and promote circulation. But I didn’t realize that the same devices that helped patients in their recovery process could help nurses better care for their legs.

Why Every Nurse Should Wear Compression Socks

Compressions Socks Reduce Soreness

Nursing is hard work. The hours are long, and the work is challenging. It stresses your body and your mind. While there are some that think the soreness is just par for the nursing course, I for one believe that unnecessary pain is for the birds. I look for any and every way to alleviate or prevent any physical discomfort. Fortunately, compression socks help increase circulation of blood flow and oxygen. This helps remove the lactic acid from building up in the muscles.

Compression Socks Reduce Leg Swelling

After working a 12 hour day, swollen legs and feet are almost guaranteed. You may be able to prop your feet up and get your significant other to give you a foot rub to reduce this issue, but wouldn’t it be great to avoid it altogether? Compression socks have been proven to reduce swelling.

Compression Socks Reduce Spider and Varicose Veins

Standing for extended periods of time can cause varicose veins by allowing blood to pool and enlarging veins in your lower extremities.  Even if you love the color blue, you probably aren’t in love with the thought of your legs starting to resemble the aftermath of a blueberry pancake food fight. Just because nurses wear scrubs at work, doesn’t mean you should feel the need to cover up those beauties when you’re off the clock. However, it can be awkward and uncomfortable to let your stems show if you have developed spider veins. Luckily, compression stockings help relieve symptoms and slow the progress of varicose veins.

Your Dress Code Doesn’t Impact Your Sock Choice

Compressions socks come in many fun and funky colors and patterns. Even the most strict hospital uniform policy is probably not going to have any rules when it comes to the color or pattern of your socks. You can jazz things up a bit, and increase your mood and confidence, by wearing something that makes you feel fabulous. Under your solid scrubs, you can rock some amazingly stylish and expressive compression socks.

You Should Love Your Legs

Your legs work hard every day and don’t get the level of respect they deserve. Seriously, when is the last time you pampered those beauties? Do you get enough pedicures? Do you give them rubdowns daily? What are you doing to give your legs (and yourself) some love?  Compression socks give your legs tight hugs all shift long and can help keep your legs looking and feeling fantastic. You and your legs deserve it.

Get Compression Socks to Fit Your Needs and Your Personality

A great part of compression socks does the following:

  • They don’t roll down your legs.  They stay put and won’t slip or slide down.
  • They have some anti-microbial agent so your feet won’t stink
  • They are aerated and won’t make your legs feel hot or itchy
  • The compression socks are the proper compression for nurses on their feet all day:  20-30 mmHg compression

Great Compression Socks for Nurses

Go2 Compression Socks

These compression socks receive great reviews from nurses and athletes alike. They also have the needed 20-30 mmHg compression and come in a variety of colors and styles.

Hearts Compression Socks

These compression socks feature fun color hearts as well as 20-30mmhg of graduated compression. This results in “better blood circulation as strongest compression happens at the ankle, and gradually decreases moving up the leg.”

SnugFx Compression Socks

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